NOCOTE has Multi shop function that allow the owner to manage items with multiple shops.
The Multi shop function is OFF in the initial state and can be used by turning on enabling of Multi shop function from the app setting screen.
If it becomes unnecessary after enabling, you can return it to OFF.
This setting is also reflected in other devices sharing data.
Usage image of Multi shop functiony
When you want to manage items of multiple shops such as main shop, branch shop etc.
In such a case, after turning on enabling of Multi shop function, we will first create other shops.
The way of shop editing is the same as the category screen.
After creating multiple shops, set "Current selected" shop next.
Please tap and select the place where shop name is displayed.
In this state, you will be dealing with the products of the Tokyo shop in the app.
* The currently selected shop will be displayed at the top of the screen.
The currently selected shop is set individually for each device.
Even if another user selects other shop, you can switch between main shop and branch shop.
Owners and users can register categories and items for each shop.
The stock status and reservation status of categories and products belonging to the currently selected shop are displayed.
On the other hand, you may want to share one product with multiple shops.
In that case, you can link as shown below.
By linking like this you can see the stock / reservation status of Item A from either Main shop or Tokyo shop.
When switching to Multi shop function, the category setting is changed to one for multiple shops in the item registration screen.
By setting as shown below screen you can refer from either Main shop category or the Tokyo shop category.
Please understand the above and use Multi shop functions by all means.