About data sharing and the words such as NOCOTE ID, you who are new user may feel a bit confusing.
We hope that you can deepen your understanding with reference to the following figure.
The use of NOCOTE begins by registering the items of the store.Items are registered in categories. As initial data, categories such as small items, large items, and staff are prepared, but you can cancel them. Please make categories so that you can use it easily.
The shop is thing that gets together you and them.
The shop will be a unit linked to the NOCOTE ID.
Let's say that each of us has a data sharing device.
Three users associate the same NOCOTE ID because we want to share the shop data with everyone.
On the other hand, while she work, we share it, but if she quit a shop we would like to stop the share. Alternatively, some part-timer may only check the data and do not want to update it.
We think this case is the case when managing staff at NOCOTE.
Therefore, users who share the same NOCOTE ID are assigned user IDs.
User ID is unique to each person and the password is managed by you.
You can grant usage rights of the application in units of the user ID.
The owner user can not be changed. It can update data and manage the users.
The owner can delete the user ID that is no longer needed.
Deleted users will be out of data sharing.
*Please discard data remaining in the device by themself.
This is the relationship between data sharing and NOCOTE ID.

Another thing to keep in mind, that is number of shared devices which are iPhone, iPad or Smartphones.
The maximum number of shared devices in Free Plan is 2.
For example, if you and a partner have one device each, data sharing is effective.
However, if you use two devices to share NOCOTE data, you can not add the next device.
To share with another user, either delete one of the device from data sharing or please purchase a higher paid plan.

Please make use of the data sharing function of NOCOTE on your understanding above.