Introducing how to use NOCOTE.
In order to make your business a success, let's master it firmly here.



Let's begin by learning the category

The use of NOCOTE begins by registering the items of the store.Items are registered in categories. As initial data, categories such as Small items, Large items, and Roster are prepared, but you can cancel them. Please make categories so that you can use it easily.

Let's check items

Check and register items from the item list screen.

Let's register new item

Tap an item from the item list screen to open the edit screen.
Since the item editing screen has many functions, I will explain it little by little. First let's register one item.
Basic registration of items is completed with just this operation! Since there are other function such as mini note for item, barcode registration... we introduce it below.

Register a reservation ticket

Well, what you want to do with NOCOTE. I think that is the reservation management. NOCOTE registers reservations in units of "tickets". We will explain from ticket registration to reflection here.
Trying to register a new ticket or tapping a created ticket opens the following dialog.
When you register a ticket on an item, it will be reflected in the stock check value according to the date and time set for the ticket.Also, when trying to register a ticket, a message will be displayed if there is insufficient stock.
After registering the reservation ticket, please do the following operation when the item rental or etc actually starts and becomes active at a later.
On your business, activities are always started on the specified date and time, or if the item is terminated, the ticket automatic start / delete function is convenient.
The calendar of the item edit screen is convenient because you can view reservation / activity status about the item at a glance.

Event Calendar / Daily Chart

The event calendar is convenient when you want to confirm the start date and the end date of the owning item in a bird's eye view. And you tap the date to go to the Daily Chart.You can check items scheduled for activity on that day across multiple items.
Daily charts are easier to use by changing display settings.

Data sharing (For shop owner)

Once you register your account, you can share the items you have registered and the status of your reservation with the staff and family members.
When you register your account and logged in.You will be able to manage users and manage devices as owner users.

Data sharing(For shop staff)

Staff and family members use this app, they are taught the ID and password to login from the owner.
Data sharing will start as soon as you log in.Please note that the owner sometimes sets up so that data can not be updated by the user ID except the owner user, so in that case you can only refer to the data.

Multi Shop Function

For data sharing users, you can set permissions on a per user ID basis.
You can also limit the shops that can be checked for each user, so please use it when you divide the person in charge for each store.

Remote notification when other change

After logging in to the account, the remote notification function is available.
For each item you can set from the item edit screen, and we will let you know when we change the reservation ticket from another device or change the contents of the item.
If there is a change during application launch, it will be notified as follows.


You can register easily and conveniently by using NOCOTE WEB, such as account management and roster registration. Please make use of it after creating the account.

Multi Item Edit (by owner)

If you use the item batch registration function you can quickly retrieve the data of the store from your PC on the NOCOTE application.
This function can be used from NOCOTE WEB.

Change History (for owner)

From NOCOTE WEB, you can check the change history by members of the shop. You can see later when you see what you did later.

Change app header (by owner)

From NOCOTE WEB, you can change the header display of iPhone and Android application. Icon and the name of the shop etc. are set up.

Customer memo


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