Here we will explain the customer memo function added from NOCOTE ver2.0



Customer memo list / Search

Tap the bottom menu, the rightmost "Customer" button to open the customer memo list screen. Below, this customer memo list screen will be explained.

Customer memo registration

Tap an item from the list screen to open this screen. However, a user whose editing authority is restricted by the owner can not open this screen.

Customer Link

You can link customer memo to item reservation tickets. With this customer link function, it is possible to search items by customer. And automatically add customer names to ticket's note. And you can start and delete multiple items related to customers collectively. Also reflected in the customer's usage history.

Search by Customer Link

Item search by customer is possible from item detailed search.

Begin tickets with an linked customer

By setting a customer link in the ticket, it is possible to automatically detect the start and end of the ticket linked by the same customer at the same timing, and start and delete them together.

Set editing permission of customer memo

By using the data sharing function, customer notes can also be shared with staff members and members of the store. However, there may be some uneasiness about disclosing all contents related to personal information. On the other hand, users are unable to identify customers unless they know the name etc. Therefore, NOCOTE has a function to limit editing authority. Please use Note2 for important privacy information.


Bulk registration / editing

Bulk editing is possible from support site NOCOTE WEB. You can do this by copying and pasting text according to the specified format. For the format, please refer to the text sample of this screen.

Customer memo exporting

From the support site NOCOTE WEB, it is possible to output all the texts of the customer memo. CSV format files will be downloaded.